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Spray Foam Concerns Dispelled

On a recent episode of HGTV’s Mike Holmes on Homes, the question was raised about spray foam insulation and concerns surrounding a home’s “inability” to breath when this type of insulation is used. Added to this, was whether or not one’s house would require a “fresh air intake” system installed, to ensure that stale air wasn’t circulating day after day.

At Coast Spray Foam, we wanted to dispel these concerns, and address the content as a whole.

We largely promote the benefits of the airtight seal our spray foam insulation creates for the homes we install it in, and further cite the benefits of it being resistant to mold and moisture due to the airtight nature it offers.

We also promote the high R-value it contains, which consists of materials resistant to your home losing warm in the winter months, or cool air in the summer months.

All of these benefits and features combined ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

However, all that being said the question remains – does your home need to breath, and can it under these airtight conditions? The answer is yes, and the reason for that is because we don’t simply seal up your home, we also install a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) in order to maintain the benefits of spray foam insulation, while still creating the ability to exchange indoor air that can become stale after a time, with fresh outdoor air. Collectively, this keeps your home warm and dry, but also well circulated and ventilated.

This type of ventilator is also an energy efficient system, as it pre-heats the air that comes in using the air that is going out. This results in a process known as “air recovery”, effectively recovering up to 88% of the heat that is “escaping” your home.

So although we can respect the concerns, as well as the questioned hindrances that were thought to accompany an airtight atmosphere, rest assured that this is addressed from the onset of your installation, without losing any of the eco-friendly benefits we are proud to provide.

We are always happy to dispel any myths, or answer any questions …so feel free to call us any time!