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Understanding Spray Foam Insulation Benefits


Did you know that an astounding 40-50% of your home’s energy loss is due to air leaks in the walls and ceilings? It’s true, and that’s why we feel the benefits of spray foam insulation are well worth considering.

So why is so much energy lost with other insulation material?

Air Flow

Because fiberglass insulation is a permeable product, it cannot stop the airflow that naturally happens between walls and through the ceiling. Hot or cold air escaping or entering, will have your thermostat and air-conditioner running more often to combat this cycle.

Our product, on the other hand, is airtight. When our spray foam is applied, it is blown out, and adheres to the surface it is being applied to. The combination of both a very low air permeability and a sealed application process ensures a much tighter building envelope.


Simply put – fiberglass is vulnerable to damage from moisture, creating both a damp environment as well as a risk for mold.

Our product, on the other hand, provides vapor permeance: Spray foam insulation is shown to provide sufficient vapor diffusion to adhere to the standards set out in the National Building Code of Canada. This means that spray foam insulation is capable of replacing both fiberglass insulation and the polyethylene vapor barrier.

Insufficient Sound Barrier

Fiberglass cannot keep any noise at bay as it is far too thin, causing sound to easily penetrate the wall cavities.

Our product, on the other hand, provides significant noise reduction. Spray foam insulation results in a noticeably reduced amount of noise pollution between exterior walls; and is effective at combating noise pollution between rooms within your home.


With these many benefits, as well as increasing the structural integrity of your home, coupled with the quality assurance we provide, we think a warmer, quieter, eco-friendly home is the simple choice in insulation. Call us with any questions you might have …we look forward to helping you gain these benefits for your home or business!